Typical Steeler Move at the 10 spot!

Did anyone else notice the not-so-subtle trade PIT made with DEN at the 10 spot, yes that spot before the Bengals pick at 11? Their reps seemed antsy in getting Devin Bush, and pulled no stops to get him before the Bengals could.

I'm just wondering if Devin Bush was really the Bengals' primary target at 11? Make no mistake, the Jonah Williams pick made sense...but it also felt like a part of a contingency plan, caused by the Steelers' genuine concern for getting beat to the punch by the Bengals on a top-notch ILB. It was like going to club with a whole bunch of guys from your work and you eye the girl you want to talk to, but at that moment Rick (for Richard or better yet Dick) sees your eye contact with the girl also, and he decides to make a bee-line for the girl, as you're just about to make your way over to her. Thoughts?

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