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Bengals and Broncos make draft trade

The Bengals opt to pick up more picks and move down in Round 2.

Cincinnati Bengals v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Bengals have made a trade, as they’re moving down in Round 2 thanks to a deal with the Broncos.

By moving down 10 spots, the Bengals will also pick up two extra picks on Day 3, one in Round 4 and one in Round 6. The Bengals already eight picks on Day 3, so that means they’ll make 10 selections unless they trade some of those picks.

This is actually the third-straight year in which the Bengals have moved down in Round 2. The first time they did was in 2017 when they moved down in a deal with the Vikings to ultimately select Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Then last year, the Bengals again moved down in Round 2 thanks to a deal with the Chiefs to select Wake Forest safety Jessie Bates.

Judging by how those selections turned out, let’s hope we see a similar result this time around.