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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 5/29 livestream

This week, John and Anthony put the Bengals’ position groups in NFL tiers, while responding to an interestingly-negative take on the team by a prominent national media member.

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The Bengals are continuing to show on-field growth throughout OTAs, as they continue again this week. Young players are maturing quickly, while the veterans are making a noticeable difference this year. We update you on all of the happenings on this week’s Orange and Black Insider episode.

Meanwhile, the latest Twitter rage over the past week is using “TierMaker” to rank certain things. NFL pundits are doing the same with players, so we decided to tier the Bengals’ position groups, in terms of the league’s landscape.

Also this week, the Bengals took yet another hit in the national media, in terms of their willingness to put a winning product on the field. John and Anthony discuss the merit of the stance, if it’s true and if there is an element of it being deliberate by the team.

We’ll also be kicking off our stand-alone listener questions mini-show later this week, so send us yours via call/text at (949) 542-6241, or get them to us @BengalsOBI on Twitter. You can also join that show live this Friday. Our thanks to those who tuned in live this week!

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