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Jonah Williams got ‘dinged’ in OTA practice

And the team is still waiting to hear from docs on how serious it is.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Jonah Williams Press Conference The Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY


This would ‘seem’ to be a good sign that it’s not a serious injury for Jonah Williams:

I doubt Williams would be out there if his issue was anything major, but we’re still waiting to hear what exactly the injury is.

The Bengals have had some pretty bad luck when it comes to first-round picks being injured.

The latest could be Jonah Williams, who apparently was ‘dinged’ in a recent OTA practice, according to Zac Taylor.

That does not sound like the greatest news in the world to hear in the final week of OTAs under a first-time heard coach, but here we are.

At first, seeing the word ‘dinged’ makes you think it might have been a head injury and subsequent concussion. That could explain why he’s still be evaluated even a week after the injury.

All we can do is hope this is nothing serious, as losing a first-round pick in an OTA practice is just about the last thing this team needs right now.

As long as Williams is out, I’d expect Cordy Glenn to move back to left tackle, which would also explain why the team just signed John Jerry for more guard depth...