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Live Bengals Q&A (6/13): Submit your questions!

The Cincinnati Bengals have opened mandatory minicamp and there are many sights and sounds to take in. Send us your questions to be answered by John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza in this live session!

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The Cincinnati Bengals have opened up their mandatory minicamp and more interesting news has surfaced. Vaunted stars are returning to the lineup, while other high-profile players are sitting out with injuries. The team even recently added a veteran to help on the offensive line.

John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza are live and answering your Bengals questions! Leave them in the comment section below, or in the live YouTube chat in the above-embedded video. You can also call/text us at (949) 542-6241, or send them via Twitter @BengalsOBI.

Our thanks for our participation and if we didn’t get to your question—sorry! But, we’ll be doing more of these, along with other mailbag features, so look there too!

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