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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 6/19 livestream

This week, the OBI crew starts looking at guys on their potential breakout players list, while also trying to remain calm after a couple of national media members showed excitement on Cincinnati’s 2019 outlook.

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Things are slowing down a bit, as the team has embarked on a little summer break. Both OTAs and mandatory minicamps have concluded and the Cincinnati Bengals now have their eyes set on training camp.

We’ve caught our first glimpses of the club and have a bit of an idea as to who has been impressive, even though these are sessions held in shorts and helmets. Seeing as how internal feelings on the team are high at the moment, we thought we’d play an over/under game for the bettors out there.

John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza explore that topic this week, while also looking at some surprisingly-complimentary notes from prominent writers about the Bengals. Is this nothing more than idle chatter, or are others starting to finally take note of the team’s talent after they’ve showcased some things on the field?

Join us as we discuss, or download the program after the live recording!

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