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NFL Competition Committee wants new pass interference replay rule for 2019 only

Let’s just try it on for size first.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Back in March, the NFL owners nearly unanimously voted for a rule that will allow called and uncalled pass interference to be reviewed in crucial situations.

Just today, the NFL’s Competition Committee made a strong stance by unanimously recommending the new rule be enacted for just the 2019 season.

The rule was sparked by the infamous non-call that ultimately swayed the NFC Championship and resulted in the Los Angeles Rams advancing to the Super Bowl over the New Orleans Saints.

Even before that moment, pass interference has been one of the more controversial penalties in the game in recent memory along with the various kinds of personal fouls. 2018 was the year where those were put into the spotlight to crack down on illegal hits, this season will be the year of pass interference.

It’s good that the competition committee wants this to effectively be trial run before any long-term changes are made. It’s too desired by teams to be just a preseason experiment, but too drastic to be made official for beyond this season. This is the ideal course of action.