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Did Desean Jackson just challenge John Ross to a race?

Desean Jackson may be asking for yet another L.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Desean Jackson may’ve just issued a challenge to two of the NFL’s most notable speedsters. Jackson, who has been one of the league’s premier deep threats for almost a decade, posted a picture of a poll conducted on Twitter by NFL Research.

That poll actually favored John Ross, the Bengals third-year receiver hoping to have a much more impactful part in the team’s offense this season. Ross was one of three NFL players available in a poll to see who fans thought was the “Fastest NFL Player Alive”?

If it’s a 40-yard dash, the edge would have to go to Ross. His youth against two other players both in their 30’s would certainly play a factor.

But, even if age weren’t considered, Ross would still top Jackson. Ross’ record-breaking 4.22 40-yard dash was the quickest in combine history, beating out many other including Jackson who ran a 4.35 during the 2008 combine.

They’re both quicker than the other option, Ted Ginn Jr. The Saints’ receiver and former Ohio State Buckeye was also on the list and ran a 4.37 during the 2007 NFL Combine.

Ginn Jr. made a wide-spread challenge earlier this offseason that he was the fastest man on the planet, offering $10,000 to anyone that beat him. Track star Matthew Boling, who ran a 100-yard dash in 10.13 seconds, went viral for his lightning-quick speed accepted the challenge, yet the race hasn’t and likely won’t actually take place.

As for Ross, he responded to Jackson’s post, which did tag the Bengals receiver, saying “Imma see you in the city!! We goin live!!!” Even Michael Vick, one of the quickest quarterbacks to ever play the game wants to see this go down, chiming in on Instagram saying “That race would be EPIC bro!”

This is the race the fans want!

For Ross, his speed hasn’t been used effectively yet. The long on his mere 21 receptions last season was just 39 yards. For a player of his speed and skill, you’d think he’d be able to break through for a 50+ yard gain.

Let’s hope we see some of that this season in Zac Taylor-high powered offense.