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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Forced Hands

The Bengals have a lot of questions regarding the backups for Andy Dalton. Anthony and John tackle that debate as well as discussing... Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer?

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The Bengals have concluded their first set of OTAs under Zac Taylor’s watch and there have been a number of takeaways. Some good, some bad, but few can deny that the team has a different air about it this offseason.

Even so, there have been headlines outside of the organization that have grabbed the attention of the Bengals’ fan base. Some former employees of the organization recently “threw some shade” at the club when talking about some exciting news about their futures.

While there is a lot of positivity with the team right now, there have been some players who have brought concern. The quarterback group, particularly the guys behind Andy Dalton, have not performed well in recent practices.

We discussed these topics and much more this week on The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast.

On this week’s episode:

  • Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer may have made subtle jabs at the Bengals when speaking about some personal achievements recently. Is it nothing more than sour grapes, or does it point to continuing issues of fan contention?
  • There is some concern with the performances of the backup quarterbacks in OTAs. Does this change how the Bengals might construct the final roster?
  • Should the Bengals even be worried about their backup quarterback?
  • Gerald McCoy finally decided on the Panthers for his next destination. Is the sense of relief of his not landing with an AFC North rival stronger than the disappointment of his eschewing an opportunity with the Bengals?

Our thanks to those who tuned in live, as well as to all of you for listening to the show afterward.

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