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Bengals won’t be wearing throwback uniforms in 2019

The Bengals won’t be deviating from the uniforms they wore last season.

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Boomer Esiason Bengals

The NFL is celebrating their 100th season, which is already just mind blowing when you think about it. To put that in perspective, the Bengals just celebrated their 50th season two years ago.

Many teams are dusting off some of their throwbacks for this season, which may’ve would given Cincinnati fans some hope that they’d be seeing some old uniforms returning. They do have an owner in Mike Brown, who has direct ties to the root of football with his father being the late Paul Brown. It would make sense that the Bengals may get in on the celebration of the past.

Paul Dehner Jr. of the Athletic shared some unfortunate news though:

Unfortunately, I have bad news. There will be no Bengals throwbacks in honor of the 100th season or in honor of anything. It will be the standard three uniforms we’ve seen with the black, white and orange jerseys featured.

It isn’t really that surprising that Cincinnati is being a stick in the mud about celebrating the history of the NFL or even their own franchise. The Bengals are pretty far behind other teams in that respect already.

Just look at what’s happening out west. Carson Palmer will be inducted into the Cardinals’ Ring of Honor after playing just five seasons with the team. Palmer will never find his name in the Bengals’ Ring of Honor not only because of how his tenure with the team ended, but because the Bengals don’t even have a Ring of Honor. In 2019, this is still disappointing to say.

This isn’t meant to say the Bengals are bad for not having something like this, but outside of 2017’s 50th anniversary celebration, the franchise just doesn’t go out of their way to honor former players, or teams. Why would they pay homage to the threads they wore if they can’t even acknowledge the players in the first place?

Besides, it’s probably best for the Bengals to not bring back up their early uniforms that are essentially the same as the Browns (at the time) except for the word Bengals scrolled across the side. If they were to wear any throwback, it would have to be those slick 80’s jerseys that introduced the stripes on the shoulder pads. Bringing back the 90’s uniforms would just be bringing back memories of that decade which... yeah let’s not do that.

At least we will still get to see the Bengals wear their white color rush uniforms (even if we have to deal with the orange helmet that essentially ruins it). For uniform watch fans, that will hold the most excitement for a while.

There are more important things the Bengals should be worrying about as a franchise, but it would be cool for them to unveil some fresh new uniforms or one of their classic throwbacks to kickoff a new era of Bengals football. It may even help some people forget about the past few seasons, which should be their first priority.