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Jim Turner commends Cordy Glenn’s positional flexibility

Cordy Glenn has gone through quite a roller coaster since the Bengals drafted Jonah Williams, but Jim Turner has been impressed by what he has seen from the veteran player.

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Cordy Glenn has undergone quite the whirlwind since the Bengals traded for him during the 2018 offseason. He came in with high expectations, and many viewed him as the solution to the Bengals’ woes at left tackle.

Glenn had some injury issues pop back up during the 2018 season, and ultimately he never met the expectations that he was stepping into. His second offseason in Cincinnati has featured slightly less certainty. Cincinnati drafted offensive tackle Jonah Williams in the first round, and even Zac Taylor was quick to say that the rookie would be their left tackle.

That left Glenn in a weird situation where there was an abundance of speculation. Eventually he and offensive line coach Jim Turner sat down, and the idea of him moving inside to left guard was decided on.

Now that the news has broke that Williams will likely miss all of his rookie season, it appears Glenn is going to be going back to left tackle. During this whole saga, we haven’t heard a single negative word from Glenn. That is something that really impressed Turner.

“We knew we wanted to have Cordy next to Jonah, whether it was tackle or guard,” Turner told Geoff Hobson of “Cordy has been a real pro through this whole thing and we have no doubt he’ll continue to be as we move ahead. We were looking for Jonah to learn from Cordy playing next to him and he still will, but it’s going to be more now as a teacher.”

Watching a rookie come in and take your job isn’t easy, and the way Glenn handled the circumstances before Williams’ injury deserves recognition. It sets a great example for the young offensive linemen and players in general to be able to do what you’re asked. Now, nothing really changes for Glenn, as he’ll be playing the position he’s been at for the last seven years.

The fact that Turner also talked with Glenn after the team drafted Williams probably helped keep this from possibly getting messy. The more forward you are about the plan, the less of a chance there is that a player could grow frustrated. You can tell by Turner’s words that there is in fact a plan, something we’ve rarely seen in this position group in recent years.

Obviously, it isn’t the ideal situation to have your first-round pick miss any substantial amount of time due to injury. It seems like the team could be in a worse spot as far as bringing Williams along, though. If the plan was to have Glenn help Williams by playing next to him, then having Williams learn by watching Glenn and asking questions about how he handled certain things isn’t that much worse.

Glenn will have plenty of pressure on his shoulders going into 2019. The biggest pressure will probably just to stay healthy since the depth behind him seems to be nonexistent. Still, a team could do worse than having a pro like Glenn at left tackle.