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Tyler Boyd knows Bengal won’t let A.J. Green leave Cincinnati

Fresh off an extension of his own, Tyler Boyd is convinced that A.J. Green will get one soon.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Who Dey nation rejoiced Tuesday after hearing the news of Tyler Boyd’s contract extension.

The former second round pick is in the Queen City for another four years, potentially earning $43 million in the process.

After signing his own contract, Boyd is confident that another Bengals’ receiver will also get an extension soon enough.

“A.J.’s not going anywhere,” Boyd said of his teammate and veteran wideout A.J. Green, via the Bengals’ website. “They won’t let him go. They love him here. He’s an all-time great here.”

Hopefully Green loves the Bengals as much as they love him. He did say earlier this offseason that he can’t see himself playing anywhere else.

“I give it about a year or two and we should be talked about as the top duos,” Boyd said. “I feel like he’s the best receiver in the game. The only reason he’s not in that top two or three category is because he hasn’t been healthy throughout the years. But he proved himself last year. He had (six) touchdowns for 700. C’mon. If he played another half (of the season), he’s leading the league. Just walking through this door man, that’s the only guy I wanted to watch and learn from.”

Boyd himself had over 1,000 passing yards for the first time in his career last year. If he can match that production and if Green can stay healthy all season long, there’s no reason the duo can’t be one of the best in the league.

As it turns out, Boyd wasn’t the only one excited about his extension.

“[Green] was happy for me,” Boyd said. “The whole process he just kept asking me ‘Bro, what’s going on?’ He was probably one of the few guys that I was keeping updates with. Because he’s getting his contract fixed up as well. He was one of the first guys on the team that I sent it to, like ‘Bro, it’s done. A done deal,’ about two days ago. He congratulated me, gave me a nice little shoutout on IG. That’s my boy, man. It just shows he cares about me. And I’m helping relieve stress off his back so he can continue to be great like he’s always been.”

The Bengals’ top brass is determined to make sure that they stay together in Cincinnati for the foreseeable future. Even though Boyd is only 24 years old and Green is 30, nobody is worried about age catching up with him.

There is no doubt that Green is next in line for an extension. He thinks it will happen, Boyd thinks it will happen, and the Bengals think it will happen.

The only question is when.