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2020 could be the year Ken Anderson and/or Ken Riley get in the Hall of Fame

If there are 20 inductees next year and neither Anderson nor Riley are one of them, we riot.

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

27 and 30 years is how long the two Kens, Anderson and Riley, have waited to hear a phone call from the Pro Football Hall of Fame about their induction. Anderson has gotten closer than Riley, at least in recent years, but relativity doesn’t mean much when the goal still seems miles away. Both are more than worthy, yet both have been ignored for far too long.

2020 seems like the year that may change, for one of them at least.

David Baker, the president and CEO of the Hall of Fame, announced earlier this week on SiriusXM NFL Radio that the board in Canton, Ohio would consider allowing 20 inductees for the 2020 class as part of the NFL’s 100th anniversary happening this season.

This seems like something Baker does indeed want but understands that it’s not a done deal. Having the concept approved by the operating board is a crucial first step, but getting it past the actual board in a month’s time is the real hurdle. Even as a one-year action, this is still adding 12 additional enshrinees which may be a concept that the board as a whole may not be accepting towards. But Baker explained how it would be emphasized by its senior inductees.

“Normally, (like) this year, we have eight. So, this would be quite a few guys (added).” Said Baker. “But it would be the five normal modern-era players elected from 15 finalists, and then 10 seniors, three contributors -- like Gil (Brandt) -- and two (coaches). But again, I want to stress that that’s got to be something that’s passed by our board at its meeting on Friday, Aug. 2.”

10 seniors eh? I can think of two nominees right off the bat.

Anderson and Riley can only be inducted in as seniors now, and if neither of them can get a bronze bust in a class with potentially 10 seniors, we might as well nail their hopes and dreams in a coffin and drop it to the bottom of the Ohio River.