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Jonah Williams given highest Madden 20 rating in Bengals rookie class

And his injury rating isn’t as low as you think!

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Jonah Williams Press Conference The Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODA

The Bengals won’t get to play Jonah Williams this season, but you’ll still be able to!

Madden NFL 20 is releasing in just under a month on August 2nd, and EA Sports recently revealed their launch ratings for every team’s drafted rookies and some undrafted ones too. The full list can be found here, but let’s focus on how Cincinnati’s young guns fared in order of rating.

Overall Rating

Player Position Overall Rating
Player Position Overall Rating
Jonah Williams LT 72
Drew Sample TE 71
Germaine Pratt MLB 68
Renell Wren DT 68
Rodney Anderson HB 67
Stanley Morgan Jr. WR 66
Trayveon Williams HB 66
Deshaun Davis MLB 64
Jordan Brown CB 62
Michael Jordan C 58
Ryan Finley QB 56

Williams deserves the top spot, but for how polished Williams was as a prospect, his rating is a little lower than expected. The only player with a lower rating who also was picked before him is Daniel Jones of the Giants, who has a (lol) 63 overall rating.

If Drew Sample was a fourth-round pick instead of a second-round pick, would his rating be lower than a 71? Probably, but again, these are launch ratings, not to be taken too seriously.

Everything else coincides to the player’s talent more than their draft status, but still, poor Ryan Finley. Quarterback ratings must be weighted way more realistically this year. Don’t fret though, here’s how they stand when ordered by kick power.

Kick Power

Player Position Kick Power
Player Position Kick Power
Ryan Finley QB 65
Michael Jordan C 24
Rodney Anderson HB 20
Stanley Morgan Jr. WR 19
Jordan Brown CB 19
Renell Wren DT 18
Drew Sample TE 15
Germaine Pratt MLB 15
Jonah Williams LT 14
Trayveon Williams HB 13
Deshaun Davis MLB 12

If Randy Bullock ever gets hurt in your franchise mode, just put in Finley. He’ll make it inside of 35 yards, I think.

As for other interesting ratings, here’s one for each Cincinnati rookie specific to their position

  • Jonah Williams: 76 Pass Blocking (87 Injury too!)
  • Drew Sample: 77 Catch In Traffic
  • Germaine Pratt: 86 Speed
  • Ryan Finley: 74 Deep Accuracy
  • Renell Wren: 91 Strength
  • Michael Jordan: 78 Impact Blocking
  • Trayveon Williams: 90 Acceleration
  • Deshaun Davis: 81 Hit Power
  • Rodney Anderson: 87 Agility
  • Jordan Brown: 70 Press
  • Stanley Morgan Jr.: 79 Spectacular Catch

Are you okay with these ratings or are you going straight to the roster page and doing some editing of your own?