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The Bengals were on the wrong end of new pass interference review vs. Chiefs

It didn't take long for Cincinnati to get hit with a pass interference review.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals fans watching the first preseason game were treated to a crash course to the NFL's new rule which allows pass interference to be reviewed.

It was pretty much a perfect example for how the rule works. It came within the final two minutes of the first half. The Chiefs launched a long ball down the sideline, and it initially looked like safety Brandon Wilson made an exceptional play to come over and catch a deflection.

However, when replays were shown, it was clear that cornerback Tony Lippett made contact with the receiver early. It seemed like a very easy call to make, but the officials missed it from their point of view, but that’s where the eye in the sky is going to have a bigger impact moving forward.

The booth quickly called down to review the play, and on further review the play was overturned. The ball was given back to the Chiefs at the spot of the foul.

The teams weren't done with being reviewed, though. On the same drive, Kansas City tried to drop a pass over Darius Phillips on third down near the end zone. The pass was incomplete, but the booth buzzed down a review that appeared to be more to make sure that the offense had not pushed off of Phillips.

Ultimately, the play stood, but it is interesting we saw two booth reviews of those kinds of plays so close together. That is a huge point for people concerned about the frequency of these reviews slowing down the game.

As it stands now, the Bengals have yet to benefit from the rule, yet.