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WATCH Joe Mixon stiff arm Josh Norman into oblivion

This isn’t the first time Mixon has made Norman look silly.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

We didn’t get to see much of Joe Mixon tonight, but he still left quite the impression on one Josh Norman.

On the Bengals’ first possession, Mixon took a handoff and cut outside before Norman attempted to make the tackle, but the third-year running back had other plans.

Mixon stuck his left arm out and planted Norman into the ground en route to a big gain that was unfortunately called back due to penalty.

Mixon ended up getting just three yards on one carry before heading to the bench, but that stiff arm won’t soon be forgotten.

It may have also incited Norman to take a cheap shot on Mixon’s fellow running back later in the drive. As Giovani Bernard was attempting to make a catch while going to the ground, Norman dove right at Bernard’s head for as obvious of a helmet-to-helmet hit as you’ll see.

Thankfully, Bernard was fine, and Norman ended up drawing an unsportsmanlike foul for arguing with an official in addition to his personal foul hit.

This isn’t the first time Mixon has made Norman look silly. Back in the 2017 preseason, Mixon juked out Norman en route to a nice gain down the sideline:

Mixon >>> Norman.