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Zac Taylor has spoken with Christian Westerman; final decision must come Wednesday

Zac Taylor has at least spoken with Christian Westerman, but it doesn’t appear like he is ready to divulge and information yet.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

Bengals’ fans were recently treated to a shock when, just before the team’s game against Washington on Thursday night, they were hit with the news that offensive guard Christian Westerman didn’t make the trip with the team, and that he was considering retirement.

This was especially surprising since it seemed like on the surface that Westerman was very much involved in the competition for the starting left guard position.

There still hasn’t been any concrete reasons for why Westerman is possibly considering retirement, but the team placed the guard on the Exempt/Left Squad list following the game.

One thing we now know is that Taylor has talked to Westerman since his departure.

It is purely speculation, but it doesn’t seem like a good sign that Taylor doesn’t have an update after speaking with Westerman. Things already look bad since he clearly has already left the team.

Still, as Jay Morrison explains, Westerman has until Wednesday to decide whether or not he will retire or re-join Cincinnati.

There is a ton of room for speculation. Especially when you consider Westerman would be the second healthy offensive lineman to retire since training camp started (Kent Perkins also retired).

One may think that Westerman may get the idea that he won’t win the job, and he’d rather retire than enter free agency following the season. The Bengals offensive line coach, Jim Turner, also has a history of being involved in scandals with his players. He was the coach during the Miami Dolphins’ Bullygate scandal which involved the harassment of offensive lineman Johnathan Martin.

That is all 100 percent speculation, though, and until someone comes out and says something about it, that is all we will be able to do.