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Chad Johnson teases that he’s getting a workout with the Bengals

Plot twist: He probably won’t be in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Denver Broncos - December 24, 2006 Photo by Rich Gabrielson/NFLPhotoLibrary

Bengals’ legend Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson teased us on Friday with a tweet that was similar to a quote tweet that said he’d be in Cincinnati today working out for the Bengals.

Sadly, that isn’t true.

As you can see below, he “retweeted” Adam Schefter, ESPN’s NFL Insider. However, Schefter never made that tweet and Johnson’s tweet was 100% a false report from Schefter. The wideout was always known for his sense of humor and this is just another instance of it.

Unfortunately, Johnson tweeted this because he knows what Cincinnati is going through. With A.J. Green having a small procedure on his ankle, the star receiver may miss the start of the season. He knows they’ll be hurting without him.

That’ll leave Cincinnati somewhat handicapped at wide receiver to start the season.

They do still have Tyler Boyd, who had a breakout season in 2018. Aside from Boyd, the options are thin. Trusting John Ross doesn’t seem like the ideal play for the rookie head coach Zac Taylor.

That said, if the Bengals are lacking depth at the receiver position, wouldn’t it make sense to give an fan-favorite and six-time Pro Bowler a call first? I mean, Johnson is 41. What’s age to a player that had six-straight 1,000-yard seasons though?

A two-time All-Pro receiver, Johnson has earned his right to play with the hearts of Bengal fans. To be fair to the legend, seeing Johnson workout for Cincinnati would be awesome to say the least.

Let’s not hang any hopes on seeing the ten-year Cincinnati star in the Orange and Black anytime soon though.

I’m hoping we all know a workout for Johnson isn’t practical. While it’s an intriguing idea, it’s just not practical, and it won’t be happening anytime soon.