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Bengals’ game-tying touchdown reversed off reviewed offensive pass interference

The new pass-interference replay has hurt the Bengals several times this preseason.

NFL: AUG 30 Preseason - Colts at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After having been on both the winning and losing end of the call throughout the preseason, the Bengals were once again brought back by a challenged pass interference call. This time, it cost arguably cost them the game.

With 4:06 left in the fourth quarter, Jake Dolegala completed a short pass to the left intended for Quinton Flowers. Five yards later, Flowers had brought the Bengals within a point of tying the hall.

Wait. Not quite yet.

The official review, like is done on all scoring plays, overturned the touchdown. The replay official called offensive pass interference on tight end Mason Schreck.

The Bengals, who needed a touchdown, eventually missed their chance on fourth and 1 on the Indianapolis 1. That said, while it’s impactful, this specific call won’t have an actual impact on the season.

However, this type of call will have an impact on potentially every play in the National Football League this upcoming season.

Have you ever watched receivers run routes in slow-mo?

There is pass interference to some degree on just about every play. While it’s difficult to see who initiates the contact sometimes, there’s contact nonetheless.

That’s what the NFL is going to run into with these calls. It’s almost a new strategy in the game.

It was the outcry that happened in last year’s NFL Championship game that got this ability implemented, and it may have serious ramifications on just about every game.

That said, the Bengals ended up losing their final preseason game to Indianapolis 13-6. Quarterback Jake Dolegala actually make a case for a spot on the 53-man roster over third-string quarterback Jeff Driskel.

That and many more positional changes should be watched over the next few days as the team will trim its roster down to just 53 men.