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Antonio Brown finishes off a strange offseason with a stranger injury

You can’t make this stuff up.

2019 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Tom O’Connor/NBAE via Getty Images

Raiders’ wide receiver Antonio Brown (boy does it feel good to type that), had an offseason for the history books. Now, he is waiting to start practicing with the Raiders due to one of the strangest injuries you’ll ever hear.

Brown has been missing practice with frostbite on his feet, according to Pro Football Talk:

Chris Simms got word from someone with knowledge of the situation that Brown burned his feet by entering a cryotherapy machine without the proper footwear, and his feet were frostbitten.

There are few situations where I am inexplicably out of words to describe the strangeness of a situation. Then again, the fact he forced his way out of Pittsburgh only to end up on a team with former-Bengal linebacker Vontaze Burfict is already hard enough to explain.

As far as the cryotherapy goes, I can’t add much onto. You have to believe that Brown has paid people a couple pretty pennies to make sure his body is operating at tip top shape. Then again you’d expect someone to explain very clearly to him what he’d need to wear during the process.

It is just hard to imagine a player who spends more time in the news for ridiculous situations. Whether it is throwing furniture out of windows, live broadcasting a locker room right after a win or dying your mustache blonde while calling out just about everyone involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Okay, that last one was pretty amusing.

It is sad that we won’t get to directly hear more about Browns’ antics since he is over in the AFC West now, but at least we can still laugh from afar while not having to face one of the best receivers in the league two times per season.