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Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers’ backfield could hold some surprises

We caught up with Niners Nation to ask them some questions about their upcoming matchup with the Bengals.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into Week 2, the Bengals are set to take on the 49ers.

San Francisco won their first game last week against Tampa Bay, and they’re making a stop in Cincinnati before heading back to the west coast. This is the Bengals chance to start of Zac Taylor’s tenure with a home win.

We took the chance to catch up the Kyle Posey of Niners Nation to asking him some questions about the matchup this week

Patrick Judis: The defense really helped put the 49ers over the edge last week. They even scored a couple of times. What are somethings that San Francisco’s defense did that really impressed you to open the season?

Kyle Posey: I thought the defense did a good job of changing their coverages, and a lot of that credit goes to Joe Woods. Last year, the defense was very predictable. Last week, they moved their safeties around and kept Tampa Bay off balance. I thought that was a big reason for the success of the defense, aside from their best players making plays.

PJ: The 49ers are dealing with plenty of injuries at the running back position. Who are the guys who will be carrying the load, and how confident are you in the backfield in it’s current state?

KP: Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert will carry the load. I’m surprisingly confident in Mostert, and I’ve always felt like Breida was the best back on the team, regardless of who is healthy. In this offense, you don’t need a high-priced, big-name running back to be successful. You just need someone with good vision, that has speed, and can make you miss. That’s Breida and Mostert.

PJ: The national media has done a pretty good job of propping Jimmy Garoppolo up as a franchise quarterback. As someone who has seen him play through his 7-2 record with the 49ers, do you agree with them, or do you still have some doubts that need answered?

KP: I have my doubts. There is still plenty of unanswered questions for Garoppolo. Those likely won’t be answered until the middle of the season when his sample-size is bigger and he’s played in an offense with weapons. He was “okay” Week 1, but he also was without his security blanket in Trent Taylor, and it showed. Garoppolo needs to be consistent, and he wasn’t Week 1.

PJ: Do you have a player (or players) that you’ve been really excited to see play this season that Bengals fans should be aware of going into Sunday’s game?

KP: With the Bengals team speed, like Joe Mixon and Ross, and the way they threw it down the field, this will be a great time to see what free safety Tarvarius Moore can do. He should have had an interception for a touchdown last week. I saw Dalton throw it up for grabs a couple of times last week, so seeing Moore in his second start against this offense will be entertaining.

PJ: What is your prediction for the game?

KP: The Bengals were so much more impressive Week 1 than I expected, and I think that’s a testament to their coach for having the team prepared. I think this will be a high scoring game, and whoever does better in the red area pulls it out. Like Week 1, the Bengals will have a chance to take the lead on the final possession, but ultimately come up short. 28-24, 49ers.

Thanks again to Kyle Posey of Niners Nation for taking the time out to answer the questions. Make sure you check out more of his work as well of the rest of Niners Nation’s coverage this week to be prepared for the game.