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Madden predicts a monstrous near-comeback for Bengals vs. 49ers

We simulated the Bengals vs 49ers in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the week 2 game.

Bengals vs 49ers Madden Highlights

Last week’s Madden simulation was only off by one point, unfortunately that one point was not enough to flip the result and make the Bengals win. It was a much tougher fought battle than most outside Cincinnati thought the first game would be, as the Bengals played very well.

Now, the Bengals are hoping to carry their momentum through the next two games, which are very winnable as well. If they can do that, they’ll be 2-1 before the schedule gets tougher. However, the 49ers are still a talented team and the Bengals need to play to their best to get this win.

So, let’s go to the simulation to find out how this game turns out.

The Bengals start with the ball and waste no time. They get to about midfield where Andy Dalton finds an open John Ross III who makes a defender miss and runs the ball all the way down for a touchdown.

John Ross Touchdown

Bengals: 7-0

The 49ers receive the ball where they also waste no time getting to midfield. Jimmy Garoppolo is sacked on second down, resulting in a third-and-17. He heaves it for the end zone to Marquise Goodwin who hauls it in for the touchdown.

Marquise Goodwin touchdown

Tie: 7-7

After a long Bengals drive that results in a punt the 49ers get the ball back and drive down the field. When they are nearly in the red zone the Bengals defense is unable to hold and Garoppolo hits a wide open Trent Taylor for the touchdown.

Trent Taylor touchdown

49ers: 14-7

The Bengals receive the ball and are unable to do much of anything on offense resulting in a quick punt. The 49ers receive the punt and on their first play on offense Matt Breida is able to break a big touchdown run sprinting by Shawn Williams who takes a bad angle.

Matt Breida touchdown

49ers: 21-7

The Bengals receive the ball and their offense continues to struggle getting absolutely nothing going. The 49ers receive the ball and drive down the field, once again when they nearly reach the red zone Garoppolo finds Trent Taylor for the touchdown; taking a huge lead into halftime.

Trent Taylor touchdown 2

49ers: 28-7

The 49ers receive the ball after halftime and orchestrate a long drive down the field. For the first time this game the 49ers make it all the way to the red zone before scoring. Yet, they still manage to score on a 17-yard Matt Breida touchdown run.

Matt Breida touchdown 2

49ers: 35-7

Following that the Bengals receive the ball and are finally able to get something going on on offense. They get all the way down to the red zone where Andy Dalton finds an open Tyler Boyd in the corner of the end zone.

Tyler Boyd touchdown

49ers: 35-14

The two teams both have failed drives after that before the Bengals receive the ball after another stalled 49ers drive. On this drive though the Bengals are able to drive the distance and shrink the gap when Joe Mixon punches it in (although he may not be doing this on Sunday).

Joe Mixon touchdown

49ers: 35-21

After that the 49ers receive the ball and immediately hit a big play down the field putting them in the red zone. Then, the Bengals defensive line swarms and Geno Atkins knocks the ball loose. Sam Hubbard picks it up and runs it all the way down the field.

Sam Hubbard touchdown

49ers: 35-28

The Bengals only have two timeouts, so although they forced a three and out by the 49ers they get the ball back with not a lot of time left and no timeouts. They get one first down on a pass to Tyler Boyd, but he is unable to get out of bounds running a lot of time off the clock. On third and long after an Andy Dalton sack, Dalton heaves it down the field trying for the Hail Mary victory. Although it looks like it was caught, it does not matter anyway as it was caught outside of the end zone and time ticks down to zero. The Bengals lose.

Hail Mary attempt

Finals: 49ers 35 - Bengals 28

So, after nearly coming back from a 28-point deficit, the Bengals fall just short. Hopefully the Bengals offense can score early and keep that trend continuing instead of waiting until they are in a four-touchdown hole.

Final score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 1-0

Final score and stats