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Bengals vs. 49ers Twitter reactions

It is a dark one with a dash of bright side.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

There wasn’t much for fans to cheer about in this one, and that spread over to social media. This week felt a lot like the beatings from the 2018 season, which was extra hard after the moral victory last week.

In honor of the complete goose egg the Bengals laid we are going to start this off with some of the funniest reactions to how terribly they played. What better way to get over a loss than by laughing, right? (Right?!)

Misery loves company

At least we aren’t in the basement of the AFC North by ourselves!

One bright side (if you squint really hard)

It is important to try ad be a little bit optimistic. Here was one takeaway we can all agree is a good sign for the future. The Bengals seem to have quite a duo building in John Ross and Tyler Boyd. It really makes you wonder what they could be capable of once they finally get A.J. Green back from injury.

Players and coaches share their thoughts

You can tell the coaches and players feel as bad if not worse than the fans did this week. It is important to remember these guys don’t like going out there and performing this way as much as we don’t want to watch it.

The darkest takes for last

It is hard to ignore that this was a very very bad week. Hopefully we will have something to be more positive about next week.