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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Circling the Wagons

This week, John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza discuss the matchup issues that were prevalent in Week 2, while also talking about the pros and cons of “tanking” and discussing the keys to Week 3 against Buffalo.

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It’s been a shocking start of the season by the Cincinnati Bengals. In Week 1, the team surprised many around the league in their near-win over the Seahawks in one of the most treacherous venues in the league.

Last week, in their lone game at Paul Brown Stadium in the month of September, the team was booed off of its home field. The San Francisco 49ers took it to Cincinnati, as the game was readily in the opposition’s control early in the second half.

John Sheeran and I talked about the beatdown at the hands of the Niners, while wondering what caused the steep regression on both sides of the ball. Was it a matchup issue? Did Kyle Shanahan dial up just the right formula of plays?

That and much more. Also on this week’s episode:

  • What were some of the major issues that plagued the Bengals in the loss to the 49ers, in terms of an X’s and O’s perspective?
  • Which Bengals team we’ve seen through the first two weeks is closer to the actual one representing 2019?
  • Are the returns of injured stars enough to push the team back in the right direction?
  • Why aren’t some of the high draft picks from the 2019 class not getting more playing time?
  • Is establishing the running game, or getting better play from the defense more important this week against the Bills?

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