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Bengals 2019 uniform schedule

The Bengals will wear their color rush a little bit more in 2019.

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Uniform watch, assemble!

The Bengals have released their 2019 uniform schedule. When they will wear which uniform has been decided, and there is some good news for fans of the color rush uniforms.

Bengals Uniform Schedule

Week Opponent Jersey
Week Opponent Jersey
Week 1 at Seattle White
Week 2 San Francisco Black
Week 3 at Buffalo Black
Week 4 at Pittsburgh Color Rush
Week 5 Arizona Orange
Week 6 at Baltimore White
Week 7 Jacksonville Black
Week 8 at Los Angeles Rams (London) Color Rush
Week 10 Baltimore Black
Week 11 at Oakland White
Week 12 Pittsburgh Black
Week 13 New York Jets Black
Week 14 at Cleveland White
Week 15 New England Black
Week 16 at Miami White
Week 17 Cleveland Black

Having two weeks of color rush uniforms should have plenty of fans excited as they have quickly become a fan favorite. Saving them for the first game against the Steelers and their London game against the Rams shows they understand how excited fans get for these jerseys. It also shows that they understand that the color rush is probably their best looking uniform as they’ll showcase them in London, which is a pretty highly viewed game.

The orange jerseys are by far the least worn. The only time the Bengals will dawn them is in Week 5 against the Cardinals. Black come in as the most frequent with eight games. The white alternates fill out the remaining five games.

In 201,8 the Bengals only wore their color rush to open the season. The white alternates also appeared in six games. The Black uniforms were still the most popular with seven games, and the orange saw game action two weeks.

You can read into that how you will, but it is worth noting that the Bengals can only wear their orange and color rush uniforms a combined three weeks of the season. It was a new rule put into place for the 2018 season when the NFL canceled their official color rush games.

That means we only have two years of information to look into, but in year two the Bengals opted to wear the color rush more frequently. For all of you uniform watchers, that is something to watch going forward.

What is your opinion of the Bengals’ uniform schedule? Would you change anything, or would you like to see some new uniforms in the future?