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Bengals’ Bobby Hart ejected in final seconds against Bills

The lineman has already had a myriad of issues, most of which include blocking.

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

To add insult to injury, offensive lineman Bobby Hart was ejected for contacting an official in the final seconds of the Bengals 21-17 defeat. The team’s third loss comes at the hand of the Buffalo Bills.

This is Hart’s second season with the organization, and although his ejection was worthless coming in the last few moments, the league will certainly review it to make sure it’s not worthy of a suspension.

This is the last thing the Bengals needed following all the controversy surrounding one of the final plays of the game. Hart likely only contacted the official to get his attention, making sure they knew the problem with the last play.

That play, one in which Dalton’s intercepted pass was, in celebration, ran into the back of the Bills’ end zone prior to him being downed, will be talked about this week. Although nothing can really happen for the Bengals at this point so mentioning that among the other aspects of this game is just salt in the wound for Cincinnati.

Hart, who has played 100% of the team’s offensive snaps through the first two games, isn’t a game-changer on the line. If he’s suspended for his action, the team won’t be in too much of a worse position.

The Bengals’ line is already banged up. They need the help in case any of their other players go down. Moving forward, Hart must be smarted, but the Bengals must also be better.

Driving to win the game, Hart was probably frustrated as the team lost their third game in a season which many had playoff aspirations for. Now, as Cincinnati heads to Pittsburgh this next week, the Bengals will be in a do-or-die situation as Zac Taylor’s first season is spiraling out of control.