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Twitter reactions to Bengals vs. Bills

The Bengals gave us some hope before ultimately coming up short. How did twitter react to the loss?

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy Ludwig/Getty Images

The Bengals suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Bills to the tune of a 21-17 defeat.

In reality, Cincinnati had no business even being in the game, as they looked totally lost in the first half, but they managed to go into halftime down by just 14.

An inspired effort on both sides of the ball resulted in a 17 point run for the Bengals, but ultimately, it was too little too late, as the Bills managed to drive down the field for a touchdown, and then they forced a turnover to end the game.

It wasn’t quite the snooze fest that we had last week, but the Bengals are still in search of Zac Taylor’s first victory as the team’s head coach.

Instant reactions to the Bengals loss

It wasn’t all bad, though

We all shared a good time for a little bit. The Bengals staged a comeback that even resulted in Randy Bullock kicking a field goal that put the Bengals ahead for a little bit. Here is in memory of those fleeting moments of hope during the Bengals run.

At the end of the day Cincinnati dug itself a hole

The Bengals showed plenty of fight near the end of the game, but their defense was just on the field for far too long to have enough gas to get the important stop when they needed it. The offense looked lost most of the game, and then an inaccurate throw that resulted in a tip drill ended the Bengals hopes of avoiding 0-3.

As fans, we hoped Taylor’s start wouldn’t be this rough, but we can still feel positive about Cincinnati’s future while recognizing this season could be another rough one.