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Bengals at Steelers: Madden predicts another low-scoring affair for Cincinnati

Our latest Madden 20 simulation has the Bengals involved in another one-score contest on the road.

Bengals at Steelers Madden highlights

The Bengals have not been able to beat the Steelers for a while now, but they have a great chance on Monday night facing off against a young quarterback in Mason Rudolph and the weakest Steelers team in years.

Unfortunately, this Bengals team isn’t in a great place either. Because of that, it might not even be in the Bengals best interest to win as they potentially are in the running for a QB of the future. Despite any reasons for the Bengals to not want to win, beating the Steelers is entirely too good to pass up so the Bengals need to give it their all to keep the Steelers winless and get their first win of the season.

With that in mind, how about we go take a look at the Madden simulation to try and predict the winner of this game.

The game starts with the Bengals receiving the kickoff and they are not able to get much going on offense and are forced to punt. The Steelers are also not able to get much going on offense and the Bengals receive a punt. They drive down the field and on first down in the red zone Giovani Bernard receives the hand off and runs up the middle, breaking a tackle for the touchdown, giving Cincy the early lead.

Giovani Bernard touchdown

Bengals: 7-0

After the Bernard touchdown the Steelers receive the ball and this time they are able to drive down the field. However, the Bengals bend but don’t break defense prevails and the Steelers are forced to take the field goal from the 25 yard line.

Steelers field goal

Bengals: 7-3

The Bengals receive the ball, but they are not able to get into field goal range and the Steelers receive the ball with so little time they simply run out the clock for the quarter. The Steelers receive the ball after half-time and start driving down the field. After they get past midfield Donte Moncrief gets open when matched up against Dre Kirkpatrick and after catching the pass runs the rest of the way for a touchdown.

Donte Moncrief touchdown

Steelers: 10-7

After the touchdown the Bengals receive the ball and drive down the field into the red zone. However, after the drive down the field Andy Dalton throws the ball into double coverage and the Steelers get the ball with an interception. The Steelers take the ball and drive down the field easily getting into the red zone. On first-and-goal James Conner receives the hand-off and runs up the middle for a touchdown.

James Conner touchdown

Steelers: 17-7

The Bengals receive a kickoff and drive down the field, however they are taking too long. With 30 seconds left Andy Dalton is able to find John Ross in the end zone for the touchdown to bring them within three.

John Ross touchdown

Steelers: 17-14

With very little time left the Bengals have no choice except to try for the onside kick. They get a good bounce on the onside kick, but they are unable to recover and the Steelers recover. The Steelers kneel the ball to run out the clock and take home the Monday night victory.

Final Score

2019 Madden Prediction Record: 3-0

Final score and stats