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Bobby Hart fined for unsportsmanlike conduct flag vs. Bills

Hart was ejected last week for making contact with an official.

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The NFL has fined Bengals right tackle Bobby Hart for unsportsmanlike conduct last week against the Bills, per Tom Pelissero.

On the final play for the Bengals’ offense in Week 3, Tre’Davious White of the Bills intercepted Andy Dalton. After laying on the ground for a few seconds, White proceeded to walk into his own end zone untouched with the rest of his teammates and celebrated the turnover. By ruling, White gave himself up on the play, therefore it was not a safety.

Hart was curious about the ruling and according to him, never touched the official. Nevertheless, he was flagged for it and subsequently disqualified. If we’re being honest, Dalton’s throw disqualified the entire team at that point.

This is Hart’s first fine of his career. Lucky for him, he’s no longer on a rookie contract and is making up to $21 million under his new deal.

So yeah, he’ll be fine.