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Top 5 prospects for Bengals fans to watch in the Shrine Game

We take a look at some of the top prospects of the Shrine Game who fit what the Bengals need.

Top 5 Prospects for Bengals fans to watch in the Shrine Game

The Bengals need to add talent all throughout the NFL Draft, and that definitely includes the later rounds. Luckily, every year there are solid prospects who go later, but positively contribute to their team that played in the Shrine Game.

The needs of the Bengals this year align pretty well with some of the better talent at the Shrine Game and they should be able to add some depth players with upside from the game. Let’s take a look at the top five guys.

1. Jack Driscoll, OT, Auburn

A talented OT who may not be immediate starter caliber, Driscoll has shown flashes of good play that could suggest even more down the road. He would Immediately provide good depth with potential to be a starter down the line. How he performs athletically will be key to his stock, with a good Shrine Game and scouting combine possibly bumping him up a lot.

2. Jordan Glasgow, LB, Michigan

The younger brother of Ryan Glasgow looks like the exact kind of player that the Bengals love. He was a walk-on to the team who got his start as a great special team player before moving to safety before playing his final season at WILL linebacker. He is still a bit of a work in progress as a linebacker which is concerning at his age, but a premium pick won’t need to be used to get him and he would bring athleticism to the unit while also providing value as a special teamer.

3. Julian Good-Jones, OT, Iowa State

A solid player who doesn’t have the highest ceiling he offers good depth in case of injury and can step in and play without completely making a fool of himself. While Good-Jones may never be the kind of player that steps up and takes over at the position, he was a decent college player that should be able to develop into a decent pro. That has value for the Bengals right now.

4. Binjimen Victor, WR, Ohio State

More of a toolsy player with good size and speed, Victor may end up being another story of Ohio State underusing their best players with news of him being unguardable at Shrine Game practices. The Bengals’ injury woes in 2019 showed us it was clear the team lacked receiver depth, especially in the speed department. A.J. Green and John Ross III are the team’s only true deep threats and as of now, neither can be relied on to play full seasons. Cincinnati adding another guy who can take the top off of the defense should be the priority and Victor seems to be one that comes at a discount.

5. McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas

A bit raw as a player, Agim shows flashes of great athleticism from the interior, even when that aggressiveness gets him out of position from time-to-time. The several times a game when his athleticism is too much to handle makes it worth dealing with his warts. The Bengals are pretty deep along the defensive line right now, but the Bengals should continue investing there with how important the defensive line rotation is to the defense. Having a good amount of guys who can threaten the passer from the interior is invaluable for keeping the defensive line fresh.