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Duke Tobin: Bengals plan on having A.J. Green next year

The Bengals are doubling down, saying they want to get a new contract done.

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With the Bengals in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, there is a lot of thought going toward adding pieces to the team next year.

One key piece of the puzzle won’t be playing in the Senior Bowl. While the Bengals are focusing some effort on players coming out of college, they are also focusing on re-signing A.J. Green.

“We are going to talk to him,” said Duke Tobin, via the Enquirer. “All options are on the table. I don’t have anything to announce. But he’s a guy that we plan on having next year. Hopefully we will be able to get something done.”

Tobin, the Bengals’ Director of Player Personnel, and the rest of the front office have been in contract talks with Green for quite some time. The veteran wide receiver has also expressed interest in re-signing with the Bengals.

It seems like if both sides want a deal to get done, they will get it done.

If not, then the Bengals’ have already said they will apply the franchise tag. Green will probably be around for another year at least, even if they don’t agree to a new contract.

Our own John Sheeran also spoke with Tobin down at the Senior Bowl about a myriad of other topics. Check out the interview below.