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Adam Schefter doubles down on Bengals taking Joe Burrow

Adam Schefter being so sure of this leads to some speculation over to where his information may be coming from.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

There has been plenty of speculation over whether the Bengals will or won’t trade the first overall pick to a team that is desperate to draft LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow.

One of the first reports was a rumor putting the speculation over that question to bed saying that Cincinnati wouldn’t trade the pick. There was some flip flopping from the Bengals’ Director of Players Personnel Duke Tobin disputing that report, but now ESPN’s Adam Schefter is told Get Up that he is doubling down on the initial report that Cincinnati won’t trade the pick, and they will be drafting Burrow.

It is understandable for some fans or to be tempted by the possibility of getting a king’s ransom for the pick and possibly still ending up with an upgrade at quarterback. Teams like the Dolphins and Panthers appear to have interest, and Miami has three first round picks this season. Carolina could also get desperate for Burrow with Joe Brady, LSU’s offensive coordinator last season, now with the Panthers.

The way this appears if we really try to peek behind the curtain is that whoever Schefter’s source is is trying to keep Cincinnati fans from completely freaking out. That is what the first report was likely supposed to be as well, so this second report could be someone trying to clean up that mess again. It could also just be whoever he got the info from before is very high up. It doesn’t do Schefter that much good to essentially put his name on the line for a rumor like this if he wasn’t 100% sure.

Leaving the speculation corner, the easy choice for Cincinnati is Burrow first overall. He just played some of his best games during the NCAA postseason. He has shown he can play at an extremely high level on the biggest stages, which is something the Bengals have struggled with over the years.

If they were to trade out of the pick and end up drafting a different quarterback, they will forever have to deal with that quarterback being compared to Burrow. That isn’t a great thing to put on a young quarterback’s back with all of the other things they would have to deal with in Cincinnati. Burrow has shown he can handle the pressure, and it really doesn’t make sense for this team to pass on Burrow,

No one really knows what is the truth at this point. Is Schefter’s source coming from a higher up in the Bengals’ front office than Tobin? Is Tobin just trying to keep Cincinnati’s options open knowing that Burrow is currently in the lead?

We won’t really know until April when the draft draws close, but this report should help ease the minds of fans who want the Bengals to not mess this up.