Time to Fire Tobin

I'm sorry but after reading that article one can't help but think it's past time to fire Duke Tobin. His philosophy on trading just boggles the mind and proves this team will not be able to escape mediocrity with him at the helm. I was simply blown away with his response to not trading players because why trade our good players when we want to keep them. The players teams wanted were 30+ years old and they wanted them for rental players to help them win a super bowl. NO sub .500 team is after players past their prime, apparently we are the only ones that want to keep them. We're in the middle of a 2-4 year rebuild, at least I hope, and these players will be at retirement age by that time and the cycle will begin again on having to replace guys just as we get things in place, hopefully anyways. This thinking makes no sense to me and is honestly enough for me to fire the guy. However, as I read his thoughts on it I couldn't help but see Mike Brown's face in the background explaining this theory to everyone behind closed doors. Sorry DUKE time to go

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