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Top 5 prospects for Bengals fans to watch in the Senior Bowl

We take a look at some of the top players at the Senior Bowl that the Bengals may be interested in taking

Top 5 players for Bengals fans to watch at the Senior Bowl

The Bengals get a rare opportunity this offseason to coach the Senior Bowl, being able to get a lot of time with these players. This could mean they may have a bit of a bias towards taking players from the game.

The 49ers coached in the game last year and a couple of their key contributors were players that they got to coach in the Senior Bowl.

Throughout the Draft, from rounds 2 to 7 and even undrafted, there will be guys the Bengals could pick up from the Senior Bowl whether it is to step in as starters immediately or fill in as depth and try and compete down the line.

With all of that said let’s take a look at some of the top guys the Bengals could be watching and the fans should be watching too.

1. Tyre Phillips

An offensive tackle in college, Phillips was moved inside at the Senior Bowl and performed pretty well overall.

He may not have necessarily been the top lineman or guard there, but he would be a perfect early day three pick for the Bengals to take to compete for a starting job and be a backup for multiple positions if he doesn’t win a starting spot.

He is a mauling guard that has a great anchor and a lot of power. Iit is hard to see how he is not at least decent in the NFL.

2. Denzel Mims

Arguably the top receiver in Mobile, he may have played himself to the point he will go higher than the Bengals would be willing to take him.

With a track background and good size, paired up with his Senior Bowl week an early second round pick doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibilities for him. Which if that is the case it seems unlikely the Bengals would take him with their second round pick so he would not be there for the Bengals later.

3. Troy Pride Jr.

Someone who wasn’t getting much buzz coming into the week as one of three Notre Dame defensive backs at the Senior Bowl, Pride quickly changed the perception of him. Pride looked like a legit man cover corner, being the only guy who could consistently stick with opposing wide receivers in the one on ones.

He looks to possess good speed and ball skills along with adding the ability as a returner. In a crowded cornerback class it is important to stand out in some way and Pride did in Mobile.

4. Josh Jones

The top offensive lineman at the Senior Bowl, I think in any other class he would be an easy first round pick, but in this class, he could fall.

If he does fall to 33, the value of him there may be too good for the Bengals to pass up. He may not be the ideal size, but he shows a lot of good traits and was able to shut out some good pass rushers throughout the week in Mobile.

5. Jonathan Greenard

I would have liked to have gotten a linebacker, but just like this class in general the Senior Bowl group is very unnderwhelming. Akeem Davis-Gaither is an interesting prospect that the Bengals could take on Day 3, but the more interesting is Jonathan Greenard.

The Bengals with their rotations can never have too many pass rushers and if they were able to get Greenard in the second or even third would be phenomenal with how consistently he was able to compete and win. He transferred to Florida from Louisville and exploded his first game.

At the Senior Bowl he also did linebacker drills and held up very well for a player of his size. It wouldn’t be wise to use him as an every down linebacker, but rotating him at edge and occasionally dropping him back would be an ideal situation for both him and the Bengals.