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Approval Poll: Bengals promote Dan Pitcher to replace Alex Van Pelt

The Bengals seemed to have a plan in place for when Alex Van Pelt eventually moved on.


The Bengals had a vacancy open up at quarterbacks coach when the Browns hired Alex Van Pelt to be their offensive coordinator.

Despite their being some panic among the fan base, it appears Cincinnati has had a replacement in mind for a situation just like this. The logical choice was to promote Dan Pitcher, who was previously assistant quarterbacks coach as well as a situational management coach, to fill the position, and the team did so officially on Thursday.

This isn’t a flashy move, but it is a move that makes sense. When Zac Taylor put together his staff last season, he ended up with 21 assistant coaches. One of the advantages of this, is you are able to promote from within way easier because you have guys who have already spent time in the building to step into place.

Pitcher himself has been with the team for four seasons now, and he has quietly been gaining attention as a quality coach. The fact the Bengals seemed to allow Van Pelt to interview is a nod to how much they believe in Pitcher.

There is also a concern with the high probability of Joe Burrow being drafted first overall by the Bengals that trusting him to Pitcher rather than Van Pelt could be an issue. While Van Pelt was a high class coach, it is strange to think Taylor and even Brian Callahan won’t also be involved as much as Pitcher will be. Burrow represents the job security of the whole staff, so there shouldn’t be a worry that Burrow is going to be lacking in the coaching department.

Pitcher may not have experience as a quarterback at a big school. He played at Cortland and had a 19-4 record. He also has only been an NFL coach for the Bengals. However, given the fact he has been shadowing Van Pelt the past two seasons, and Taylor saw enough promise in him to put him in charge of a crucial part of the game, it points towards the idea that maybe as fans we should trust this decision to promote from within. At least as much as you can trust a coaching staff that only managed to win two games last year, but what do you think?


Do you approve of the Bengals promoting Dan Pitcher to quarterback’s coach?

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  • 30%
    Yes, he seems to be an ascending coaching
    (176 votes)
  • 30%
    No, they need someone with more experience for Joe Burrow
    (181 votes)
  • 39%
    He deserves a chance, but he should be evaluated after the season
    (229 votes)
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