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Carson Palmer’s tone hasn’t shifted on marriage between Joe Burrow and Bengals’ front office

A former Bengals’ first overall pick comments on the next Bengals’ first overall pick.

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIV - Day 1 Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Joe Burrow hasn’t yet been drafted, but he is already permanently linked with Carson Palmer.

Palmer, a quarterback the Bengals drafted first overall, can’t seem to get through an interview without talking about Burrow, a quarterback the Bengals probably will draft first overall.

Palmer went on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to talk about Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo, the two quarterbacks in Super Bowl LIV. But the conversation quickly turned to the Bengals’ and their first overall draft pick.

Patrick asked Palmer about Burrow, the presumptive first overall pick.

“He’s a such a spectacular talent...He seems to be an obvious number one pick,” said Palmer. “I think he’s more athletic than we think. I think he can run more than he’s shown...He’s head and shoulders the number one pick.

“Going to Cincy—I’ve been there. I know how that feels.”

Patrick went on to lament over the immense lack of talent in Cincinnati.

“I’m just really worried...” said Patrick. “That’s a recipe for disaster for a young quarterback.”

“Yeah but the one thing—Duke Tobin has done a great job since he kind of seems like he’s been leading the charge as far as the draft process goes—there’s been some talent there,” said Palmer. “Whether the organization buys in and is fully going after a Super Bowl and really trying to win a Super Bowl is the other question, but talent-wise they’ve had some good players. I was fortunate to play with a lot of really good players. Just the receiver position. From Chad Ochocinco (Johnson), T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Peter Warrick, and you can go on and on. There were some really good skill players on the offensive side of the ball. You’ve still got A.J. Green. Hopefully he says he wants to come back…

“But they’re drafting number one for a reason. It’s because they were the worst team in the national football league. Obviously he’s not going into an environment like Patrick Mahomes went into in Kansas City.”

You can see the whole interview here:

Palmer’s comments here are similar to what he said a few weeks ago. He is clearly impressed by not only Burrow’s arm, but his athleticism and his ability to run against SEC defenses.

While he is quick to point out that Cincinnati is not the wasteland that Patrick described, he’s right that they are drafting first overall for a reason. While quarterback is an important position to take care of, it’s not the only position the Bengals should address.

This will be an interesting draft for Zac Taylor. The No. 1 pick seems like a no brainer; we’ll see what he does in rounds two through seven.

While the Palmer/Burrow comparisons are abundant, the one similarity Bengals fans want to see is their quarterback quickly taking the team to the playoffs.