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Joe Burrow sounded like Carson Palmer on the radio, and that’s perfectly fine

We’re almost out of January, folks!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 13 CFP National Championship - LSU v Clemson Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Man, Dan Patrick is a mercenary.

The former SportsCenter anchorman and childhood resident of Mason, Ohio recently had Carson Palmer on his radio show to talk about Joe Burrow and his inevitable marriage with the Cincinnati Bengals. In the interview, Patrick pressed Palmer about Cincinnati’s organizational woes and got the former No. 1 overall pick harping on his falling out with the franchise.

Now, as Super Bowl week comes to a close, he’s got Burrow himself talking on a similar wavelength.

Patrick had the 23-year old quarterback on his show this morning and asked for his thoughts on the possibility of being the first pick in the NFL Draft. Burrow, as he’s done consistently for the past several weeks, was candid and honest in his response:

The answer is exactly what you want your future franchise quarterback to be saying in response to that question. But like most things, the factor of timing has a place in all of this.

Palmer restated on Patrick’s show this week that he left the Bengals because he felt as if they weren’t fully committed to winning. 48 hours later, Burrow is reciting rhetoric that is similar to that of Palmer’s.

Before Burrow’s interview, it was reported by Albert Breer that Burrow has chosen Carson’s brother, Jordan Palmer, to train him this offseason. Jordan has trained other first-round quarterbacks in the past, but was also Carson’s teammate in Cincinnati for a handful of years.

You can see the connection between the Palmers and Burrow growing, and naturally, with how things ended with Carson, it comes off as a negative. In reality, Burrow cannot be fairly grouped with Carson just because he’s maintained a consistent approach about the draft process.

It’s wise for Burrow to not only seek mechanical help from one of the best quarterback trainers out there, but professional counsel from someone who had experience playing in the Bengals’ organization. For his sake, walking into Cincinnati with as much information at his disposal would go a long way with getting on the same page with his future employers.

There’s also the angle that bringing in Burrow will have to spur the Bengals into becoming a more progressive franchise to avoid another Palmer situation, but there’s no weight to that assumption. The Bengals will feel no pressure in changing their organizational philosophies after drafting Burrow. They will select him because he gives them the best chance at becoming a better football team. Nothing more, nothing less.

This past month has been a whirlwind full of manufactured narratives that have attempted to destroy a partnership that doesn’t even exist yet. No matter how much Joe Burrow may sound like Carson Palmer, it will not deter the Bengals from drafting him.

We’ve only 84 days until the draft begins.