Trading players the why not

I keep seeing on here that everyone talks about trading off Andy Dalton and Cordy Glenn and I have to ask myself are you guys running a fantasy league or what. Everyone needs to be realistic when it comes to trades just because you have a player doesn't mean you're getting top value. Currently both Dalton and Glenn have 1 year left on their contract and given the issues with Glenn in season and the assumption the Bengals will draft a new QB both Dalton and Glenn's trade value is at an all-time low.

With Dalton we've got a veteran QB who is capable of winning and can lead a team if needed and we also have a guy with 1 year contract left for a minimal amount in regards to starting QBs. Don't show our hand when it comes to the draft by attempting to trade off Dalton before then. Yes, there's multiple teams that need a QB but those teams are going to wait for draft time and you'll get maybe a 4th or 5th at best for Dalton. Keep him on the roster if we draft a QB great, he stays on the roster and trade him in season to someone that becomes more desperate for a QB and his value becomes greater. If not he leaves FA in 2021 and Bengals possibly pickup a compensatory draft pick that will be higher than any team is currently willing to give.

Glenn is in the same boat, he's under contract and actually played pretty well and the line started coming together when he got back into the swing of things. He's another one though given the turmoil earlier in the season teams aren't going to view with high trade regards. Keep him on the team play him at LT or LG see how he does if he plays well then you've got someone that teams value much more in season once again. If no takers then he leaves and once again Bengals will probably gain a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick from him leaving.

Bottom line these guys are on the roster at minimal salary cap hits, we have them under wraps for another year until we can work their value up I see zero reason to trade them at this point and get a 5th rounder at best out of them. Plus, trading Dalton then devalues the overall worth of the #1 spot if someone is thinking about trying to jump up to get Burrow at #1. Guys on this site are being to quick to unload players thinking they'll bring value when the reality is their value is at it's lowest point and that's not the time to deal off guys that's the time when teams buy.

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