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Skip Bayless preferred Marvin Lewis over Mike McCarthy for Cowboys’ HC gig

Lewis receives support from the world’s most boastful Cowboys fan.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Marvin Lewis may not have been a legitimate candidate for the Dallas Cowboys’ opening at head coach, but FS1’s Skip Bayless thinks he should’ve been.

During his show Undisputed, Bayless disagreed with Dallas’ decision to hire Mike McCarthy as their new coach and in turn, expressed his support for Lewis in comparison.

While expanding upon his preference of Lewis over McCarthy, Bayless actually cited the Cincinnati Bengals’ organization as the reason why Lewis would’ve been the better hire:

I would have liked Marvin Lewis more than Mike McCarthy. And I know Marvin was mired in too much mediocrity in Cincinnati. But he was strapped by one of the cheapest owners in pro football. It’s a literal mom-and-pop operation in Cincinnati. And if you look at what he did through all those years - he still was nine games above .500. And again, he made the playoffs seven times, and they went 0-for-7. But it was (on) Andy Dalton... Marvin Lewis can coach defense. And if you told me that Mike McCarthy would be able to hire Marvin Lewis to coordinate the defense, I would then be ecstatic. But I’m going to doubt Marvin would go for that. Somehow, I hope that’s a possibility.

Lewis’ legacy greatly varies between Bengals fans and fans and analysts of other teams. Bayless seems to be one that weighs Lewis’ perceived mediocrity in accordance to the circumstances of working for Mike Brown in Cincinnati. Of course, when you’re only being compared to McCarthy, it’s not too hard to get propped up.

It’s fair to wonder how many others (including NFL owners) feel this way about Lewis now that he’s looking to come back to the NFL. There’s only a few head coach vacancies left, and one of them is the Cleveland Browns, so Lewis will probably have to wait until 2021 if he wants another shot as a head coach.