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Tyler Boyd: A.J Green will “hit 1,000 yards”

Tyler Boyd still thinks A.J. Green will put together a 1,000-yard season despite slow start.

Syndication: Cincinnati Kareem Elgazzar

While Tyler Boyd is having a great start to the season, A.J. Green is not.

It wasn’t long ago when Boyd struggle to get receptions, and Green was the star of the offense. Now those roles are reversed in the Bengals’ offense.

“He will have a lot more games to come back and he’ll hit 1,000 yards,” said Boyd. “He’s still the best receiver. Just because the games don’t come to him and it’s not flowing to him and he’s not flashing that anything is wrong. I don’t think anything is wrong, I just think everything is going to come once opportunity hits.”

To hit 1,000 yards, Green will need 881 yards in the next 12 games. It’s not great odds, but he had 964 yards in only 10 games in 2016. In the tenth game of 2016, Green was injured in the first quarter before he could even catch a pass.

While it’s not likely, it’s not impossible.

Since 2018, Boyd has been the focal point of the passing game. He has collected 2392 yards in 34 games, and is the team leader in targets, receptions, and receiving yards this year.

Green only has one less target than Boyd, but he has half the receptions and more than half of the yards.

“I think he’s going. I think we could complete a few more balls to him, but at the end of the day he’s going to have up and down days,” Boyd said. ”I’m not saying he had a bad game, the game just didn’t come to him specifically.”

Zac Taylor shared similar sentiments after the game against Jacksonville. Even though he had one reception for three yards, Taylor said that Green still opened up the field for Boyd and Tee Higgins.