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CBS retracts article about Bengals not following COVID-19 protocols


Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

A few hours before the Cincinnati Bengals played the Baltimore Ravens, CBS Sports ran an article from Jason La Canfora detailing concern over the Bengals’ contract tracing data and how it may have repercussions with the NFL’s handle on COVID-19.

Sometime during the game, the report was deleted off of (here’s the link jus for fun) because according to Bengals’ Director of Communications Emily Parker, the report included inaccurate data.

Contact tracing, in this scenario, is how the NFL can identify where a positive COVID-19 case may’ve originated from within the confines of an NFL facility. NFL personnel have been outfitted with monitoring devices that indicate whenever they’re within six feet of each other, which is the established range where COVID-19 has been shown to spread easiest between two people.

If the data was correct, and the Bengals weren’t doing their best to socially distant, it would be a concern despite the team having zero positive cases since the season has begun. But that in itself should speak volumes to how well the team has managed, and since the accurate data shows “strong compliance” per Parker, we can at least say they’re in good shape when it comes to this.