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NFL Power Rankings Roundup Week 6

The Bengals were obliterated by Baltimore, but that didn’t drop them much lower than they already were.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off an eight-point win over the Jaguars in Week 4, expectations were running high for the 1-2-1 Bengals. Sadly, they were hit by the Baltimore Ravens, arguably the AFC’s best team, losing their third game of the season 27-3.

The Ravens blitzed heavily and took Burrow down seven times as he failed to hit 200 yards. Cincinnati wasn’t able to get anything going through the air against a stout Ravens pass defense, scoring just three points.

While Joe Mixon was able to get 24 carries, he churned out just 59 yards after putting up over 150 in Week 4. After a nice boost in morale in Week 4, the Bengals were hit with yet another reality check in Week 5.

That said, let’s dive into how that altered their rankings among major media outlets. 26th

Is it acceptable to lump the entire offense into this category? Because every offensive metric is, uh, not ideal. Yards per play, red zone efficiency and touchdowns per drive are among the categories in which the Bengals rank near the bottom of the league. Having a shaky offensive line, a lack of explosive wide receivers, a rookie quarterback and a relatively inexperienced playcaller have all factored into the lack of points. The Bengals will need all of that to improve pretty soon. — Ben Baby

Bleacher Report: 26th

Against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, those same fans were reminded that in the present, the Bengals still aren’t very good.

Yahoo! Sports: 25th

The Bengals’ offensive line is still a problem, and that was exposed again against the Ravens. The Bengals have good skill-position talent, and the biggest priority of this next offseason will be getting Joe Burrow some linemen who can keep him upright.

Pro Football Talk: 23rd

It’s time to take whatever they can get for A.J. Green.

The Ringer: 25th

Sporting News: 23rd

The Bengals had a rough outing against the Ravens with Joe Burrow hounded by former LSU teammate Patrick Queen. There’s not much Burrow can do with the offenisve line and defense as a whole woes.