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Bengals at Colts: Week 6 Madden Simulation

We simulate the Bengals vs Colts in Madden to try to predict the winner of this Week 6 game.

Bengals at Colts Madden highlights

Well, that game against the Ravens was rough.

What Bengals fans feared ever since locking in the first overall pick happened against the Ravens. The Bengals porous offensive line allowed Joe Burrow to get absolutely decimated all game long.

Now, the Bengals offensive line will face off against a Colts pass rush that has been fantastic so far this season. There is still hope to be had, however, as a big reason the Ravens were so successful was them getting out to an early lead early on forcing the Bengals into a lot of predictable passing formations. If the Bengals can keep this game a close early on, it should be a much more friendly game for Burrow.

With that said, let’s take a look at the sim to see how it predicts the outcome of the Week 6 game.

The Colts start off with the ball and with their strong running attack have a long first drive before finally scoring on a Jonathan Taylor run play.

Jonathan Taylor first touchdown

Colts: 7-0

After this neither team is able to score for awhile, although the Bengals got very close with Joe Burrow fumbling at the one yard line while trying to get in the end zone. Eventually though with time running down in the first half, the Bengals are able to score with a field goal on 4th down.

Bengals first field goal

Colts: 7-3

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bengals game if they didn’t give up a score in the last two minutes of the half, and that is exactly what they do, allowing the Colts to drive down the field and get a field goal with little time remaining in the half.

Colts first field goal

Colts: 10-3

Following the Colts field goal the Bengals must have got a good halftime speech, because they come out and score to start the half. Tyler Boyd is able to take a slant and wins the foot race all the way to the end zone to tie it up.

Tyler Boyd first touchdown

Tied: 10-10

Following the tying score, the Colts aren’t able to get anything going, quickly followed by the Bengals. But the Bengals defense starts bending when they allow the Colts to get into field goal range which they eventually settle for.

Colts second field goal

Colts: 13-10

The Bengals get the ball back and try to drive down the field but are stopped after one first down. They bet on their defense to get a stop with five minutes remaining, but the offense never gets the ball back as the Colts run out the clock and win 13-10, making for a low-scoring game likely to reflect the real life counterpart.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 3-1-1

Final Score and Stats