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Twitter reactions to Bengals vs. Colts

It was a hard loss for this team, but it may have been harder to watch.

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Well, the Bengals really out did themselves this week. They keep finding a way to play just well enough to make you believe before pulling the rug out from under their fans. The Colts finished off their comeback after being down 21 points in the first half of the game. It was just a new way of losing that this fan base has become all too accustomed to under these past few seasons.

Hot start

The Bengals offense took off early. They built a 21-point lead through some very clean play calling, good running plays and Joe Burrow making some great plays along the way. It started with a surprising veteran capitalizing off a turnover on the team’s opening drive.

The onslaught continued with Zac Taylor giving the rookie a shot on 4th and 1 just off of the goal line. Burrow didn’t disappoint. He not only got the first down, but he took it all the way into the end zone.

Burrow also had several great plays that showed some of his progress. He had a play where he made a couple key adjustments that created a conversion on a third and long, and he and fellow rookie Tee Higgins connected on a deep pass, which has been a pretty rare thing so far this season.

The Bengals third straight touchdown drive of the game sealed the first 21-point lead of Taylor’s career in Cincinnati. It was a great play by Joe Mixon and the offensive line that got the score.

Defense lets up

The defense was a big reason that the offense was able to get out to the early lead, but it appears the clock struck midnight a little early on the Bengals’ defense. They allowed the Colts to score 21 points including a touchdown with just seconds remaining in the second quarter.

Curious rotation

The defensive line has been hit pretty hard with injuries this season. D.J. Reader and Sam Hubbard were both out this week, but for some reason Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap were both eerily absent for most of the game.

Bates’ clutch play

Jessie Bates continues to fill out his application as one of the best safeties in the NFL as he announced his presence against the Colts. He made a terrific play on the ball, and even though the return was called back, it still gave Cincinnati the opportunity to take the lead (even if they ultimately failed).

Falling short... again

Burrow attempted to lead a game-winning drive to end the game, but he threw a pick that sealed the comeback win for the Colts. There are plenty of feeling following a loss like that, and fans are right to feel whatever it is they want.

It is just really hard to keep losing games, and it is especially hard to lose a game where they started off so strong. Blame doesn’t fall on a singular player or coach, but it has to be time to start evaluating people who are going to make it to the end of the season and beyond. If seats weren’t hot already, they are now.