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Bengals vs. Browns: Week 7 Madden Simulation

We simulate the Bengals vs Browns in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the week 7 match

Bengals vs Browns Week 7 Madden highlights

The Bengals put up a valiant effort against the Colts, but ultimately ended up falling short.

After a week where the lack of pass rush caused the defense to struggle the Bengals will face another very good offensive line against Cleveland. The Bengals had a solid performance against Cleveland in their first matchup this season, but ultimately came away with the loss.

Will the Bengals continue the Browns’ spiral after a beating from the Steelers, or will they be another get-right game for the Browns offense?

Let’s take a look at Madden to see how it predicts the outcome of the Week 7 matchup.

To start the game the Bengals receive the ball and after a couple of first downs they are shut down by the Browns defense and forced to punt. The Browns get the ball and begin to drive down the field. The Bengals are unable to stop them and give up the touchdown to Jarvis Landry.

Jarvis Landry first touchdown

Browns: 7-0

The Bengals receive the ball and need to get some points of their own on the board. They drive down the field consistently getting chunk plays. Unfortunately the drive stalls and the Bengals are forced to take a field goal.

Randy Bullock first field goal

Browns: 7-3

The Browns receive the ball and start to drive down the field, but the Bengals defense locks down keeping them from scoring and securing a punt. The Bengals are driving down the field and doing well, but on 3rd down the Bengals have the ball at the 30 yard line and joe Burrow is sacked at the 37. After the two minute warning Randy Bullock tries the 54 yarder and misses. As the Bengals are wont to do they then allow the Browns to drive down the field and score in the last two minutes of the half in the form of a field goal.

Browns first field goal

Browns: 10-3

The Browns receive the ball to start the half and the Bengals actually do a good job to start the half on defense. Offense not so much though as they immediately punt back to the Browns. This time the defense isn’t so lucky though as the Browns easily drive down the field and get another touchdown on another Jarvis Landry catch.

Jarvis Landry second touchdown

Browns: 17-3

The Bengals haven’t given up yet though as they drive down the field and get to a goal line situation off the back of a 57 yard Tyler Boyd reception. From that short distance it is no problem for Joe Mixon to punch it in.

Joe Mixon touchdown

Browns: 17-10

With only four minutes remaining in the game though the Bengals defense is going to have to step up and get a stop for Joe Burrow to have a chance. This is where the Bengals struggling run defense rears its head once again as the Browns are able to grind away the clock with run after run. After all is said and done the Bengals never got the ball back as the Browns salted away the clock on the ground.

Browns: 17-10

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 4-1-1

Final Score and Stats