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Vonn Bell believes Logan Wilson, Davis-Gaither have bright futures in the NFL

The Bengals’ 2020 draft class could be their deepest and most talented in recent history.

NFL: OCT 18 Bengals at Colts Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Joe Burrow. After those words were uttered by Roger Goodell, most general NFL fans and even some Bengals fans likely tuned out of the draft for then 2-14 Bengals.

What they didn’t realize in the team’s next several picks were also highly important for the future of the franchise. Tee Higgins, their second-round pick, has found his way into three-man sets and been one of the best rookie receivers.

It’s not just the high-level, obvious-potential talent.

But, their next two picks may become stars in their own right as well. Drafting two linebackers in the third and four round combined, the Bengals snagged Logan Wilson at No. 65 then Akeem Davis-Gaither at No. 107.

Prized offseason addition Vonn Bell, who has been impactful for the team’s secondary, spoke up and was talking highly of the two linebackers. Given that Bell plays like a linebacker, his thoughts are coming from a place of experience.

The Bengals’ linebacking corps is led by Josh Bynes and Germaine Pratt. However, over the last few weeks, both Wilson and Davis-Gaither have been getting a steady portion of the snaps.

With two interceptions this season, Wilson’s already left his mark on the defense. His three tackles and one tackle for loss against the Colts certainly were help despite the team allowing the now 4-2 Colts storm back from down 21.

As for Davis-Gaither, he has a few pass deflections to go along with a handful of tackles.

These two are going to be the future of the Bengals coverage in the middle of the field, and hearing a veteran talking highly of them should have every fan excited for what is to come.