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Twitter reactions to Bengals’ collapse vs. Browns

The Bengals love finding new ways to make their fans sad on Sunday.

NFL: OCT 25 Browns at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well here we are again. We are Bengals fans looking back at how Cincinnati managed to lose another game.

On a positive note, we did get to watch one heck of a game. Joe Burrow also had the best game of his career, and he led a game-winning drive (and we will forget what happened in the minute after that). Here are the best of the reactions to this game from those fans and media who had to sit through it and endure that.

Battle of blunders

The Bengals and Browns started off the Battle of Ohio very much on brand. Both sides had a number of turnovers, and it seemed like it was setting up to be one of those games that was going to come down to who shoots themselves in the foot the least. It was a start that would’ve had Football Follies halfway through a highlight reel.

Loss of protection

Before halftime, the Bengals lost both Jonah Williams and Trey Hopkins to injury. Both players are arguably their best offensive linemen. That naturally gets a response from Cincinnati fans who are already concerned about keeping Burrow upright for as long as possible.

Burrow overcoming adversity

During a two-minute drill, Burrow and the offense was faced with several plays that put them behind schedule. The rookie was able to make plays to overcome each of these plays. Ultimately, Cincinnati finished off the drive with a touchdown and no time left on the clock to do anything meaningful before the half ended. It is really a testament to how good Burrow can be, and it ended with just an outstanding throw.

Burrow to Tee Higgins; Get used to it

We’ve known that Burrow has been well worth the first overall pick from this past draft, but recently his connection with fellow rookie Tee Higgins has been heating up as of late. It seemed to hit a pinnacle as Higgins had a fantastic run after a catch in the fourth quarter that gave the Bengals a momentary lead.

Just... wow

The Bengals found a new way to absolutely blow a win again. This week the offense at least did its part at the end of the game. Burrow put together a clutch drive that ended in a touchdown. The only problem is the they left over a minute on the clock with the Browns getting ready to work against a Bengals’ defense that proved to be a major issue after the first quarter.

The defense proceeded to not only allow Cleveland to get immediately in range for a game-tying field goal, but they allowed Mayfield to fire one into the end zone for the game-winner instead with 11 seconds left to play. It was just an absolute blown game by the defense who couldn’t get pressure on Mayfield, and that turned a guy who was struggling into one of the best quarterbacks of the week. The question has to become how long this can continue to happen.

Then came the play