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Tyler Boyd calls out Carlos Dunlap

“Sucka s—t.”

Syndication: Cincinnati Jeff Dean via Imagn Content Services, LLC

If you thought last year’s Cordy Glenn debacle was bad, it’s not holding a candle to what’s transpired this year with Carlos Dunlap.

In recent weeks, Dunlap has voiced his frustrations with the Bengals coaching staff as he’s been used as a situational role player instead of the featured starter he’s been for much of his NFL career. There have also been reports that the Bengals have Dunlap on the trading block.

Following the Bengals’ 37-34 loss to the Browns, Dunlap tweeted that he was selling his Cincinnati home. There was also a video that emerged of Dunlap arguing with Bengals coaches on the sideline following the Browns’ game-winning touchdown.

Tyler Boyd decided he’s had enough, as he called out Dunlap for his sideline tirade during postgame interviews.

In addition, Boyd later replied to Dunlap’s ‘home for sell’ message by calling it “Sucka s—t los” (Los is Carlos’ nickname). Joe Mixon added he’d like to purchase Dunlap’s home because why not.

The Bengals really don’t have any other option now other than to get Dunlap out of this locker room. Ideally, they’ll be able to trade him for something, though it’s more likely he’ll be released.

If for whatever reason the Bengals decide to keep Dunlap and keep enduring this mess like they did last year with Glenn, they’ll likely at least fine him and possibly suspend him.

Whatever they do, it’s clear that Dunlap doesn’t need to be back in the Bengals locker room anytime soon, if ever again. Players like Boyd who are handling things the right way don’t deserve to put up with this, and it’s certainly not helping the Bengals’ embattled coaching staff maintain control of a locker room that’s likely rattled after everything that’s transpired over the last month.

It’s sad to see things end this way with arguably the best pass-rusher the Bengals have ever had, but this is the reality they’re now stuck in.