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Twitter reacts to Carlos Dunlap - B.J. Finney trade

Carlos Dunlap got his wish and was traded. Here’s what the wisdom of the internet has to offer.

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Around mid-day on Wednesday, the Bengals finally traded Carlos Dunlap.

It was in the works for a while, but it finally became official (or at least, it will be at 4 p.m. on Wednesday).

Despite Dunlap’s social media and sideline antics, another team was willing to trade for him. The Seattle Seahawks will be Dunlap’s new team, and they are in the middle of a playoff hunt. So the Bengals offload a troublesome veteran and save some cap space, while the Seahawks bolster their defense with a former Pro Bowler. Win-win.

Dunlap has spent 10 seasons with the Bengals, and he still has some positive memories in Cincinnati.

To illustrate, here’s his Instagram story from Wednesday morning:

Dunlap is the first Bengal to be traded away mid-season since...Carson Palmer in 2012. Funny enough, two of the Bengals’ last three mid-season trades have been with the Seahawks.

As Twitter does, there have been many varying reactions about the news. Here are some of the more (well-deserved) bitter comments:

But it is important to keep in mind that Dunlap did a lot for the team in the 2010s. As insane as his exit has been, many are choosing to remember the better times.

But in the end, this is what was best for both sides.

Then there are those guys who have to poke at the Bengals’ organization any chance they get.

Here’s what everyone wants to know: the compensation. What did the Bengals get in return for a former Pro Bowler?

They got OL B.J. Finney and a seventh-round draft pick. Not a great return, but considering that Dunlap tanked his own trade value, this is fine.

(Bill Barnwell clearly didn’t see the tweet about only three trades in the last three decades.)

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