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Joe Burrow commends Giovani Bernard’s leadership, role within offense

Praise the mighty mustache!

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It’s difficult to find a better second-string running back in the NFL than Giovani Bernard.

The eight-year veteran doesn’t touch the ball very many times, even when Joe Mixon doesn’t play, but his most valuable work occurs in those exact situations.

During his weekly press conference, quarterback Joe Burrow called Bernard’s role in pass protection the most critical role on the team.

This week was the week to give Bernard the credit he deserves.

Without two starting lineman for most of the game, Bernard continued to handle blitz pickups like the stud he’s been for the last several years. He’s been doing this job well long before Burrow came to town, and Sunday’s 11 flawless snaps in pass protection just further cements his status as one of the best niche players in the game.

Bernard also did some damage with the ball in his hands against the Browns. His 96 total yards from scrimmage were capped off by his first receiving touchdown since 2017.

To add on to what Burrow said, he’s worthy of that C on his jersey.